Allison Berowski

New York City
Allison Berowski is a Brooklyn based artist and fitness enthusiast originally from Buffalo, NY. While she continues to train professionally, Allison has performed in many parts of the world. She started taking Pilates classes to learn how to better protect her joints and low back throughout her performance career. Allison’s passion for movement quickly transitioned her into teaching Pilates when she was accepted into the Power Pilates composition program as an apprentice. Her love of helping others foster healthy bodies and minds is her base for any class. Allison is also currently bringing movement workshops to alternative housing sites in the Bronx through Eryc Taylor Dance Outreach. She graduated from Hunter College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in dance. As her career blossoms, Allison is eager to continue to explore movement and the many ways it can benefit our lives.
   Open Mat
Pilates LIVE  ·  All Levels  
Thursday, Mar 07, 2024 6:00 pm