Bo Kim

New York City
Bo Kim was first introduced to Pilates based conditioning as a performing artist in NYC over 16 years ago. But it wasn’t until 2018 when she really delved deep into the classical method after a postpartum injury to her spine and soon after pursued a teaching career in helping others find and restore strength, flexibility, and vitality in their bodies, just as Pilates had done for her. She has completed the vigorous 600-hour Power Pilates Comprehensive Program. Bo Kim focuses on perfecting the foundational repertoire and integrating new exercises based on the client’s individual level, needs, and goals. Bo’s classes are highly sought after for their age-defying results of the core and spine through a slower paced regime with emphasis on the breath and precision for a deep understanding of the how and why of each exercise. Bo plans to work specifically with special pre and postnatal and osteoporosis cases in the future.