What is Pilates Live?

Pilates Live is your ultimate resource for live streaming classes, video work-outs and active discussions with your Pilates community. Pilates Live offers Pilates lovers the most accessible way to stay consistent in your Pilates practice with one convenient platform. Connect with your fellow practicioners with the Pilates Live discussion board. Take advantage of the unlimited membership to get access to all Pilates Live has to offer.

How do I sign up for Pilates Live?

Signing up is quick and easy! Just follow the steps to create an account here Join Pilates Live to gain access to the full schedule of high quality workouts and more.

How do I register for a class?

Let's get moving! Purchase tokens to attend any live class or broadcasted workout on the schedule. Get Your Pilates Live Tokens Here . Buying tokens in bulk can save you money. You can also subscribe to a monthly unlimited membership where you will have access to all live classes and broadcasts.

Do I need equipment to take classes?

Pilates Live has classes for all levels and bodies. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Pilates Live offers mat classes that require no special equipment, just you, your mat or towel and gravity! If you're ready to take your workout to the next level, there are all kinds of classes and shows available on the Live schedule 24 hours a day. Though you don't need any equipment to feel the benefits of Pilates Live, there are classes that use weights, Pilates equipment, therabands, Magic Circles and more. Be sure to check the class descriptions for required equipment for each class.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an physical fitness method created by Joseph Pilates which is rooted in Six Principles: Centering, Control, Concentration, Flow, Breath and Precision. The method focuses on core strength and connection, flexibility, stability and balance. A steady practice of Pilates improves every functional aspect of your life and will help you develop strength and stability in your core (and yes, that means abs, baby!) as well as long lean muscles in the extremities. Pilates is a great exercise discipline for those rehabilitating from an injury, surgery or just looking to develop strength, improve posture and tone muscle without adding bulk!

What are the benefits of Pilates classes?

Pilates was developed to help people rid themselves of chronic pain and instabilities. Dancers and movement practitioners love Pilates because, instead of building big bulky muscle, it develops length and strength to give you a long lean muscle build.

What type of classes are offered on Pilates Live?

Pilates LIVE offers all kinds of Pilates classes including Classical and contemporary Pilates mat and apparatus classes. Pilates Live may also offer yoga, barre and meditation sessions.

When can I take classes?

Pilates Live has a variety of class times available. Check the class schedule and be sure to RSVP for the class you'd like to take. No class on at the time you're looking to work-out? Head over to the "Live" channel to catch what's currently on.

How do I enter the classroom?

Once you RSVP for a class, Pilates Live will send you and email confirmation AND you'll recieve a link to join that class 30 minutes before it begins. You can also enter the classroom directly through the Pilates Live schedule. Having trouble getting into your class? Contact

Do I have to reserve my spot in a class in advance?

You can reserve a spot in class by RSVPing on the Live schedule. You can see which classes you are signed up for by going to "Your Wokrouts" in your profile dropdown at the top right corner of your screen. Can't make it to class? Be sure to cancel your reservation one hour before class begins by clicking "Cancel My Reservation" in order to save your tokens!

I have to cancel my class reservation?

You can cancel your upcoming class reservation at any time by going to "My Workouts" and hitting the "Cancel" button. Pilates Live has a one-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation within an hour of class start time, you will not be refunded the tokens used for this reservation.

How do I cancel my membership?

Please contact to cancel your subscription.

Can I take a class on my phone or tablet?

Yes! Pilates Live is made for working out at home or on the go. Be sure you have Google Chrome on your tablet or smartphone for best results.

How can I update my payment information?

Pilates Live won't save your billing information unless you join with an unlimited memebership. If you need to update payment information please contact

How can I get the best streaming quality for my classes?

To ensure the best streaming experience we recommend having a high-speed internet connection and use a Google Chrome browser.

Where can I find details about privacy policy?

You can read through the Pilates Live privacy policy here: Pilates Live Privacy Policy